Valentine’s Day Activities for You and Your Loved Ones5 min read

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Blog

February is the month of love, and this week Valentine’s Day is on everyone’s mind. Valentine’s Day is a holiday that’s fun for people of all ages to celebrate, and there are so many things for you to do with your loved ones. Even if you don’t have a partner to celebrate this “day of love” with, you can still have some fun with your friends and family! Below are a few activities to do and games to play with your loved ones to help you celebrate this Valentine’s Day.

Candy Bingo

You can make a regular game of Bingo perfect for Valentine’s Day by using candy conversation hearts or seasonal Hershey’s Kisses as bingo markers. You can also make the prizes Valentine themed for an even more festive game!

Decorate your Space

Make cute banners with Valentine’s Day sayings on them, cut out and hang up hearts all over your space, or make some pink and red garland to hang around your home to make it feel festive for this holiday.

valentine's day activities

Make Seasonal Cookies

Baking cookies is a fun and easy activity to do with others. You can bake heart shaped cookies and decorate them with pink, red and white frosting to make them extra festive. You can even try to make your own Valentine conversation heart cookies. Here’s a recipe!

Puzzles and Coloring

Puzzles and coloring are two fun activities that you can do while spending time with your friends and family. You can find Valentine’s Day themed puzzles at your local store and printable Valentine’s Day coloring sheets from the Internet. Crayola has some fun Valentine’s Day coloring sheets and this coloring book website has some more advanced printable pages. These activities can be a relaxing way for family members of all ages to spend time together!

valentine's day activities

Watch A Few Romantic Movies

Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love after all, so why not break out some of your favorite new or classic romance movies and have a movie marathon! This would be especially fun to do after making Valentine’s Day treats, so you can enjoy them while you watch your movies.

Make Valentine’s Day Cards for Each Other

Do you remember the joy of receiving a homemade Valentine from a classmate, friend, or family member when you were younger? Why not recreate that special memory and make homemade Valentines to give to your loved ones this year.


Flowers are a common gift to be given on Valentine’s Day; so, instead of getting a store-bought bouquet this year, try potting indoor plants and flowers to create an indoor garden! If you don’t have the space or resources available to you for a too many potted plants, it can also be fun to go out, get individual flowers, and create a bouquet designed by you! Your loved one will appreciate the personal touch and thoughtfulness of this gift!

What fun activities do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year? You can find even more fun things to do with your friends and family on Valentine’s Day here.