Specialty Programs

A big reason why Optimal Home Care is able to personalize every care program with such versatility and accuracy is our wide selection of specialty programs. By specializing in the variety of services and treatments listed below, we can tailor the ideal in-home health care arrangement for any patient. We can also give you complete access to the patients’ chart via a web portal to view what is actually going on with the patients care.

Behavioral Health Program

Our Behavioral Health Program was created to meet the unique mental health needs of individuals living at home, so they can function independently in the community. This program addresses not only those with a primary mental health diagnosis, but also individuals struggling with a mental health issue in conjunction with a primary medical diagnosis. Optimal Home Care collaborates with the individual’s treatment team, combining support, education and therapeutic interventions with family and community resources, with the goal of restoring equilibrium and achieving higher levels of function at home.
Behavioral Health ProgramsThis program helps reduce chronic hospitalization and the length of hospital stays, and improves medication/treatment compliance, using the following services:

  • In-hospital assessment prior to discharge
  • Post-hospital transition support
  • Assessment of individual’s mental status
  • Assessment of individual’s level of functioning in a community setting
  • Assessment of chemical dependency
  • Management of medication therapy
  • Education
  • Support for compliance
  • Administration of injectable medications
  • Monitoring of therapeutic lab values
  • Support in the home
  • Crisis intervention
  • Family education
  • Stress management/relaxation activities
  • Instruction in home management skills
  • 24-hour on-call coverage
Home Infusion Therapy Program

Under the direction of a physician, highly skilled nurses will administer prescribed IV therapies, delivering the most competent and professional service in the process. We arrange for the provision of everything that is needed for total in-home patient care, and closely monitor and supervise each patient’s response and progress.

  • Antibiotics
  • Hyper-alimentation
  • Steroids
  • Line maintenance- central lines, PICC lines
  • Pentamidine
Diabetic Care Programs

Diabetic CareThis program promotes the self-management and independent monitoring of those with diabetes, enabling them to take control of their lives, sustain healthy personal habits and reduce re-hospitalizations. Diabetic Care is tailored to the individual’s specific needs and learning abilities, providing in-home health care, caregiver support and education for insulin and non-insulin dependent diabetics.
Working under the care plan approved by the referring physician, and adapted from the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association, our interdisciplinary team provides a holistic approach that includes:

  • Instruction in self-injection of insulin
  • Comprehensive patient assessment
  • Instruction in disease process
  • Blood glucose monitoring and glucometer instruction
  • ADA diet instruction and counseling
  • Medication management and education
  • Skin care and personal care instruction
  • Diabetic foot care
  • Individual home exercise programs
  • Prevention of disease-related complications
Wound Care Program

Wound Care ProgramOur Wound Care Program offers a variety of modalities for the effective management of acute and chronic wounds, including wound vac therapy, UNA boots, compression dressings and WOCN consultation. This program includes:

E-Stim – an alternative treatment option that employs an electrical current to transfer energy to a wound bed, increasing blood flow and oxygenation and accelerating the healing process. Trained and experienced physical therapists work in conjunction with the primary physician, nurse, and wound specialist to deliver the treatment. The goal of E-Stim is to enhance wound healing for chronic wounds, promote positive outcomes and decrease the cost of care.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy – Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy (VAC) is a unique system that promotes wound healing, providing continuous wound therapy without interfering with daily life. Indications for use include chronic, diabetic or pressure ulcers, sub-acute, traumatic or dehisced wounds, flaps and grafts.

Fall Risk Reduction Program

Falls are not an inevitable part of aging – especially with our Fall Risk Reduction Program on your side. Optimal Home Care takes an interdisciplinary approach to identifying patients who are at risk of falling and implements measures to prevent and decrease the probability of a patient experiencing a fall in the future. Optimal Home Care tracks outcomes to measure effectiveness, and to date; the program is at 97% in achieving its goals. Fall risk reduction program’s goals include:

  • Standardized falls risk assessments
  • Home safety assessment and safety checklist
  • Review of medications and side effects
  • Individualized exercise program
  • Gait training
  • Assistive device assessment and instruction