Seniors keep dating frisky fresh

Just because our bodies age, doesn’t mean our love lives have to. People at every age are looking for love and getting frisky. Seniors in the dating pool offer a fresh perspective on relationships whether they’re looking for a lifelong love or a passionate fling.

In many ways, dating as a senior is not the same as dating while you’re young. There are different perspectives and motivations about relationships, sex, and life that create a whole new experience. The desire for love and affection do not change, however. As people are living longer, they’re looking for that companionship later in life.

Sweaty palms and nervous butterflies 

Your sweaty palms, racing heart, and queasy stomach probably aren’t side effects from your medication. When you’ve landed the first date, expect to feel all the nerves of a hormonal teenager. It’s exciting and uncomfortable to put yourself out there romantically. Many people getting back in the dating world have lost a spouse or been through a painful divorce. Remember that’s it’s okay to take things slow, but don’t let your past stop your future happiness.

One comfort for seniors is the fact that going out doesn’t have to mean going steady. Older generations enjoy getting to know someone without the pressure of marriage and children. Seniors still have the butterflies of attraction, but many are looking for companionship more than a single life partner. It’s not uncommon for seniors to have a significant relationship for each of their activities. The person they golf with can be different from the person with whom they attend movies.

Dinner date rendezvous 

Date night activities get better with age because you’re no longer borrowing money from mom and dad to pay for them. You can finally afford fancy dinners and concert tickets close enough to see the band. Popular activities to impress your new beau include wine tastings, sporting events, and live theater productions. With all of these activities, remember to make time for dinner. Dinner dates are an important part of the senior dating scene. Younger people want to grab a drink, older people want to sit down and enjoy a meal. The company and conversation over dinner can’t be matched with cheap drinks from a noisy bar. Sit down and enjoy a meal with someone, but save dessert for later…

Beauty through the eyes of the (senior) beholder 

Younger generations could learn a couple things from the way seniors date. Seniors have a different set of priorities for romance that often leads to more fulfilling relationships. Young people are focused on a person’s age, but elderly men and women on the market are far less concerned with that. Age really is just a number to many seniors who are more interested in a person’s health and hobbies. Physical appearance is another aspect of online dating that younger generations value a lot more than their older peers. Looks are still important to men and women in the 55 and over demographic, but they also know there’s more to romance than beauty.


Love is more than age and looks. Trust and respect are fundamental to any good relationship. These principles seem like a given, but romance experts have found that people rank them on different levels of importance. Seniors in the dating world have significantly less tolerance for lies and shady business than their youthful counterparts. Respect is also highly valued by seniors who have a solid understanding of their self-worth. Years of life experience teach people who they are and allow them to fully appreciate their own merit.

Whether they’re looking for a passionate fling or a lifelong companion, seniors have learned some valuable dating lessons. If you’re over 55 and you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, give love another try.