Safely Decorate Senior Homes for the Holidays5 min read

by | Nov 15, 2017 | Blog

Everyone loves decorating for the holidays. For most, it reminds us of spending time with loved ones, delicious family dinners, and the magic of the holidays we felt as children. Unfortunately, as we age decorating can get more difficult. Lifting heavy boxes out of the basement and climbing ladders is no longer a possibility for some of the older people we love. This can be an especially hard time for older people who live on their own and want to remain independent, but need just a little bit of help. Help the seniors in your life decorate safely and effectively this holiday season with this list of hacks.

christmas decorations

Exterior Lighting Issues

Instead of putting up traditional holiday lights at your loved one’s home, invest in a light projector. Their house can be merry and very, very bright without the dangers associated with climbing a ladder in the snow. Even offering to put lights up for someone else can be tricky. If a strand comes loose, who’s to say they won’t try to fix it themselves and get hurt in the process? Projectors are a great way to ensure they get the lighted outdoor display they want without risk of injury.

Hang Everything by the Chimney with Care

Actually, hang everything with care regardless of its place in the home. Breakable ornaments or stocking holders can become an issue in a home with seniors. Picking up broken glass or a shattered ceramic knick-knack can be hard for older people who cannot bend over as readily as they once did. Take the time to look for shatterproof decorations in case there is an accident.

christmas decorations

Fake Tree? Stress Free!

While many older people love real trees, they can be tricky to care for alone. The constant mess and ensuring it has enough water can be stressful. Also, if it is not taken care of properly, a real tree can dry out and become a fire hazard quickly. Invest in a fake tree which can be taken down and put in boxes. Spending time assembling and decorating a fake tree will be just as fun without the hassles of a real tree. It will also eliminate trekking to the tree farm in the snow, cutting a tree down, and dragging the heavy decoration inside to set up. Fake trees only need a few lightweight boxes moved up from the basement and a can-do attitude!

Bake Your Decorations

Having too much clutter in a senior’s home can cause undue stress. Many members of older generations take special pride in having a clean, tidy home. The clutter of too many holiday decorations can be distracting and even overwhelming for some. If that’s the case, take time to bake a family recipe with the seniors in your life. They’ll love spending time with family and having someone there to share a treat with, but the mess will disappear that night instead of staying around through December 25th. Plus, grandmas and grandpas are notorious for letting other people take the most cookies home!

Which of these holiday hacks will you help the aging people in your life accomplish this holiday season? Let us know what other tips and tricks you’ve picked up in the comments and share these ideas to help others stay safe while enjoying the holiday festivities!