Older and Wiser: 5 Things Younger Generations Learn from Their Elders

Everyone celebrates seniors for being older and wiser, but what can they actually teach future generations? When young people listen to the struggles and the triumphs of their elders, they can apply that wisdom to their own lives. Here are five things out of many that you can learn from spending time with your elders.


Your grandma’s famous apple pie didn’t become famous over night. She likely perfected that recipe over years of practice. The best recipes are often made from memory and not written down. That’s part of what makes a secret recipe so secretive. Since so much of cooking relies on a pinch of this and a sprinkle of that, it’s important to spend time learning from the ones who know it best. Not only is cooking a great opportunity to improve your kitchen skills, but it’s also a time for bonding. Fortunately, there’s no age gap between the tastebuds of one generation and the next.

Dealing with loss

Death is difficult to process at any age but older generations seem to manage it better. When we’re young, it’s easy to feel invincible so when we suddenly lose someone we care about it can be devastating. Seniors have likely dealt with many losses over the years. This makes them more equipped to recover and move forward from these tragedies. When young people spend time with their elders they can connect and learn to cope with hard things. Whether it’s death or disappointment, seniors have a stronger ability to accept life’s challenges in stride. That acceptance is a valuable skill to pass along to future generations.

Avoiding regrets

When facing a fork in the road or a big decision, people of all ages worry about regret. Older generations have the advantage of a lifetime of knowledge. They have a better understanding of how life moves quickly but patience is key. Finding a balance is important. Don’t hesitate to take risks and make decisions but avoid hasty mistakes. Seniors have a different vantage point to give young people valuable advice.

Mending relationships

Seniors have encountered a lot of different people throughout their lives. All of that experience has made it easier for them to deal with difficult people. Older generations can help you navigate relationship conflicts whether the problem is with your coworkers, your significant other or your friends. Even if our culture has changed drastically, people have stayed more or less the same. Seniors offer wise perspective on even the most impossible antagonists in our life. People constantly come in and out of our lives and older generations know that more than anyone. They’ll know when to forgive someone and when to forget them.


It’s amazing what stories older generations can tell. Many of these people have truly lived. Their stories are full of romance, adventure, survival and heartbreak. A few hours in conversation are never wasted as young people are immersed in the memories of times gone by. You’ll hear the truest accounts of what life was really like and get glimpses of history in real life context. The stories that seniors tell can also help younger generations see the value in unexpected areas of their own lives.

Our elders have lived through all of life’s joys and heartaches. As they share their stories younger generations learn from their experiences. Seniors offer wise advice and a unique perspective on life, all we have to do is sit and listen.