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by | Jan 10, 2018 | Blog

As we get older it becomes easier and easier to simply lose sight of our dream job, finish out our careers, and retire. Then we can do the things we like, such as spending time with family and focusing on hobbies. But what if your hobby is your job? Where do you go from there? Fortunately, there are people who can make their dreams reality at any age! Plenty of men and women have started and grown thriving businesses after age 60. This week, we compiled a list of entrepreneurs who started building their businesses over the age of 60 to prove that dreams can come true at any age!


Julie Wainwright

The CEO of The RealReal started her business at the young age of 60. As the CEO of a failed business going through a divorce, Ms. Wainwright had every reason to call it quits. Fortunately, she wouldn’t let the pressure around her cause her to crack. After many failed attempts, she found a backer for her company and finally broke through. Now with 950 employees, RealReal is an eCommerce site that resells gently used luxury items like purses and scarves. The service does everything from picking up items to authenticating them to shipping them off to new owners! A Forbes online article from 2016 listed the startup at a net worth of $40 million, and growth has continued throughout 2017.

Sam Teitelbaum

Sam Teitelbaum worked in his family’s small clothing store for 25 years before shifting his goals at the age of 61. Now he is the owner and founder of AllerAir, a company which makes air purification systems. They have seen unprecedented growth in the years since they were founded, and the company remains a force in the residential and commercial air purification markets.

Spencer Koppel

Spencer Koppel founded his business, Geek 2 Geek at 60 years old. He had spent 20 years as an actuary and was getting ready to retire when he thought to himself, “why retire when I could do something I want to do?” As it turns out, what he wanted to do was help self-proclaimed “geeks” like himself find love through online dating. There are currently over 60,000 members enrolled in Chicago-based Geek 2 Geek which was founded in 2004.


Wally Blume

After 20 years in the dairy business, Wally Blume’s boss told him he wanted to make a tomato flavored ice cream. That was too much for Wally who knew better than to sully the good name of ice cream with tomatoes! So, at age 62, he founded Denali Flavors. They were the original creators of the “moose tracks” flavor, and they do around $85 million in sales annually. And to think, all it took was one terrible ice cream flavor and a dream!

What dreams are you ready to tackle? Is there a dream job you’ve always wanted but never had the guts to try? There’s no better time than the present to work hard and make the most of your dreams!