Fun Ways to Boost Your Memory5 min read

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Blog, Healthy Living

As you get older it is important to keep your mind sharp and find ways to help boost your memory. There are a ton of fun things you can do to exercise your mind and below are just a few of the many!

Repeat What You Want to Remember

The best way to commit something to memory is to repeat it. Whether it’s continually saying it out loud, listening to someone else continually say it, or by writing it down over and over, the more you repeat something the easier it is for your brain to remember it.

Keep Learning New Things

By always learning new things you are keeping your brain mentally active which will make your memory stronger. By stimulating communication among brain cells, you can give your memory a boost. Learning new things doesn’t have to be boring and you definitely don’t have to be in school to learn new things. Reading, taking on a new hobby, or learning a new board game are all things you can do to keep your brain mentally active.

dark chocolate

Eat Brain Boosting Foods

Foods like dark chocolate, salmon, walnuts, peanut butter, avocados, and blueberries, as well as drinks like coffee and red wine all have ingredients that will boost your memory! Foods and drinks that have flavonoids and lots of vitamin E are especially good for your brain!

Play Video Games

Video games stimulate a different part of your brain than most of your daily activities do. By doing an activity like playing video games you are exercising your mind and working different parts of it which in turn can help make your memory stronger.

Get Enough Sleep

Just because your body is sleeping doesn’t mean your brain is! When you sleep, your brain is clearing out any waste from the day and your learning and memory are being supported. The more sleep you get, the better this process is, and your brain will have more time and energy to support your memory and make it stronger.

Use Every Sense

If you want your brain to be more active in remembering something it is helpful to use more than one sense when learning it. Whether it’s seeing something and also hearing about it or seeing and smelling something at the same time. Having more than one sent tied to a piece of information can help your brain recall it with more ease.

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Exercising might not be the most obvious thing to do to help your brain. But there are more benefits to exercise than getting in shape and building muscle. When you exercise, your blood flow and your circulation are improved. Also, when you do cardio exercises like walking or running, your mood boosts and your stress level drops due to the endorphins that are released. When this happens, there is more cell growth in the hippocampus of your brain which is the part of the brain that your memory is in.

What tips and tricks do you have for helping to keep your mind sharp? Let us know!