Love For The Ages4 min read

by | Nov 8, 2017 | Blog

Love at any age is a beautiful part of life. However, love is not the same for men and women in their 20s and men and women in their later years. As people change throughout every life stage, so does love.

elderly dating

Many seniors who are in the dating pool desire more than just puppy love. They want connection and conversation in addition to the physical aspect of love. As adults, lovers can afford to go out on fancy dinners and expensive dates. They have little interest in the drama that so often accompanies young love. When interviewed, aging women reported being much calmer about love in their senior years. It doesn’t come as suddenly as the mad love of their youth, but it’s still pure and passionate love nonetheless.

Expressions of love for seniors are often more subtle and meaningful than the way younger generations demonstrate their affection. Aging couples tend to place more value on time together and small gestures of support than elaborate gifts and over-the-top surprises.

Older people still want to the romance and thrill of a lover, even they have the mature perspective that only comes from years of life experience. Online dating services, community centers and senior living homes can all help facilitate new relationships for the men and women who get involved. This often brings a new spark of fun to individual’s lives as they begin to explore intimacy together.

elderly dating

Most of the obstacles facing the elderly dating crowd are from social norms and lack of confidence. Older men may feel inferior because they don’t operate the same as their younger selves. Older women may see their wrinkles and white hair as unattractive compared to society’s standards of beauty. Generally, older men will be attracted to younger women; however, women statistically live longer than men. This means that there are significantly more widowed women who are looking for love again in their senior years.

While elderly men may seek younger women, it’s common for younger women to also be attracted to older men. Women see older guys as cultured and appreciate their sophisticated taste as compared to their younger counterparts. Fortunately, studies have shown that older men also look for more serious relationships which may lead them away from the much younger crowd because older women are more likely to want a long-term relationship than younger women. Generally, older men are more experienced in life and with women, making them better at understanding a woman’s wants and needs and less likely to put up with the flights and fancies of youth for a long time. Older men also tend to be more financially stable: a key factor in many women’s search for a mate.

For all these reasons and more, the dating pool has never been more active for older people. As the holiday season approaches, make sure to spend time with the ones most precious to you in your life!