Best Products to Give Aging Loved Ones

Think of the word “new” and things you associate with it. Did, at any point, your grandparents’ face pop into your mind? For most, it wouldn’t because the idea of things which are new does not exactly fall in line with how many people see their aging loved ones. However, there is no reason whatsoever that our grandparents or parents should be left to the dust in a world so full of new devices. On the contrary, many modern advances can be useful for and are specifically made for those above the age of 60. The following are just a few of the many circumstances during which those we love can benefit from new products designed to make their lives easier, healthier, and safer.

Outdoor/Fitness Products:

One reason those we love tend to get sedentary is because they no longer have the physical ability to do the things they once loved. A garden seat is a perfect product for any man or woman who still wants to be outside in the garden but whose knees won’t allow it. The ergonomically designed seat sits low enough to the ground to be able to reach the plants while saving the back and knee pain associated with gardening. Products like the garden seat are available for all type of outdoor activities from pruning shears designed for arthritic hands to lightweight metal detectors for the treasure hunter in the family.

Everyone has heard of Fitbit, and for good reason. The reminders to get up and be active can be helpful for elderly people living on their own. Having a reminder to get up and even walk around the house is a way to keep those we love healthy and active even when family or caretakers can’t be present; they can be especially useful for those who dislike outdoor activity. By making sure our loved ones are staying active, Fitbit can help ensure they live healthier lives.

Kitchen/Cleaning products:

For many aging couples, cooking together was once a chore over which they bonded and helped one another. As we age, everyday activities become harder. Fortunately, there are plenty of helpful and safety-conscious products to help the elderly in the kitchen. Jar-openers, for one, come in HANDy for those whose hands have a difficult time grasping them. Rolling knives are another product which has proven easier to HANDle for those whose fingers are becoming less dextrous with age. Terrible hand-related puns aside, these products can actually help the aging be more involved in the kitchen.

Safety products are just as important for the kitchen as the inventions mentioned above. For example, Safe T Element created covers for electric coiled stovetops which prevent cooking fires. We all get more forgetful as we age; this product helps ensure that forgetfulness doesn’t end in tragedy. They are also much easier to clean than the coiled stovetop, adding one more bonus to the list!

Speaking of cleaning, it can be difficult for those we love as they age. Simple tasks like dusting and vacuuming take much more effort. Roombas and other types of automatic vacuums can be a great addition to the home for anyone who has trouble lifting or otherwise handling their old vacuums. Extending arms for dusting equipment can also help those who want their house spotless (like many a grandmother does) but who shouldn’t exactly be climbing on chairs to make it happen.

Everyday Activity:

While most independent elderly people can manage their days without issue, they could be made easier with a few simple products. For one, anti-scald devices are easy to install in any shower and can save your loved ones from an accident should the situation arise. They keep the water in the shower at a safe temperature so no one has to worry about mom or dad getting hurt starting their day.

Automatic pill reminders can help keep everyone on track with their medication. In-home care specialists or family members can come fill the dispenser with everything they will need for the week and the machine will automatically dispense a day’s worth of medication at the same time every day. This saves time opening multiple pill bottles and remembering which pills have or have not been taken on a certain day. Some models can even dispense different medication at different times throughout the day if necessary and sound alarms to help alert people to take their medication on time.

Cell phones can be hard to navigate for many, and as the phones get more complicated, the elderly become less likely to use them. With many “senior cell phones” that problem is erased. Large, backlit buttons and hearing aid compatibility are some of the great features on these devices. Probably the most useful, however, is the SOS button which will automatically call 911 in case of emergency instead of having a loved one in trouble worrying about buttons and menu options which will put the minds of their loved ones at ease.

This is by no means a definitive list of products which will help the elderly lead more able, well-rounded lives. It is, however, a glimpse into how much easier life can be for the aging and independent. Any one of these products could be given as the gift of autonomy for birthdays or Christmas presents because, as we’ve discussed, new stuff is no longer just for kids!