The Best Places In The World to Watch Fireworks5 min read

by | Jun 27, 2018 | tips

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, people are becoming excited for the fireworks shows that will be held in their local neighborhoods and broadcasted on their televisions. While the local shows are always exciting, here are some of the world’s best fireworks shows and when to keep an eye out for them.

firework fireworks over the sydney opera house

Sydney, Australia

Look for Sydney’s fireworks to go off in celebration of the New year. Millions of people watch as fireworks explode over the Sydney Opera House and Bridge. The water surrounding the location creates a beautiful mirror image of the fireworks in the sky, and is a sight to see, even if just on the live broadcast.

Thunder Over Louisville

To kick off the Kentucky Derby Festival, Thunder Over Louisville uses over 60 tons of fireworks in a short 28 minute show. If you’re looking for an unbelievable sight matched with undeniable noise, this show is right for you.

Palm Jumeirah and World Islands, Dubai

Officially titled the worlds largest firework display, this show shoots over 479,000 shells on the two artificial islands. Many people enjoy taking helicopters over the sight, while most people watch in awe from the ground.

London, England

Also on New Years, London knows how to celebrate properly. We are fans of this show thanks to the multi-sensory aspect. When the fireworks are exploding near Big Ben and the famous London Eye ferris wheel, certain colored fireworks trigger clouds of flavored confetti, such as strawberry or banana. Talk about a midnight snack!

Katakai Fireworks Festival, Japan

Japan is home to the largest single firework. A massive 992 pound shell flies into the sky nearly a kilometer before exploding into a bloom that spreads 800 meters in diameter. Needless to say, Japan knows how to host firework shows, and you won’t be disappointed when viewing the Katakai Fireworks festival.

firework display surrounding the Eiffel Towel in Paris

Paris, France

Paris makes our list not because of the outrageous caliber of the firework show, rather than the beauty of the fireworks by the iconic landmark. There’s nothing quite like watching the fireworks go off near the Eiffel tower, creating a beautiful glowing effect. With fireworks in the sky, Paris really lives up to its “City of Lights” nickname.

Diwali, India

People in and around India celebrate Diwali from mid-October to mid-November. Diwali means the Festival of Lights, and firework displays are a huge part of the celebration. There are a number of shows during that time, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, be sure to grab a seat near one of the exhibitions.

Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

On The Fourth of July, Mt. Rushmore sets off fireworks from atop the famous carved faces. There’s nothing quite as patriotic as celebrating freedom with beautiful fireworks going off above some of America’s more iconic presidential figures. If you’re up for a road trip (or tuning in to a live broadcast), this view would be worth the effort.

Be sure to call or check online to find any firework shows your local town will be putting on next week for the holiday. Fireworks can be an exciting way to celebrate American history. If fireworks are overwhelming for you or your loved one, consider staying inside and enjoying other patriotic activities while the shows are happening outside.