Best Gifts to Give Your Loved Ones5 min read

by | May 2, 2018 | Thoughts

Have you ever run into the problem where you need to get someone you love a gift but have absolutely no idea what to get them? It can be a challenge shopping for the best gifts for your loved ones but there is no need to stress because there are a ton of great options for gifts to give to the seniors in your life!

tile app keychain one of the best gifts

For the Person Who Tends to Lose Things

Tile is the perfect gift for someone who is constantly losing their keys, wallet, phone, etc. Tile is a small plastic piece you attach to whatever object(s) you tend to lose and, via a Bluetooth connection with your phone, the Tile plays a loud tune until you locate the missing object. If you have one of the Tiles but lose your phone, pressing the Tile will make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent. Also, if you keep the Tile app running on your phone, it will remember the last place and time you had your item that has the Tile on it, so you will always be able to track your missing items!

For the Person Who Loves to Cook

The Vidalia Chop Wizard is a great gift to give the chef in your life. This kitchen tool makes cooking more efficient by speeding up the chopping process. It’s perfect for seniors as it is designed to be gentle on joints in the hands and wrists and reduces the need to sharpen knives. It’s dishwasher safe and a much safer way to chop or dice fruits and vegetables than using knives.

For the Person Who Needs a Little Reminder

Reminder Rosie is a voice-controlled reminder system. It can help people remember to take their medications, when they have appointments, or to do everyday tasks. You can record up to 25 personal reminders and they can be heard within a one-hundred-foot radius. Once someone says “reminder off” or pushes down on the clock, the reminder will turn off. This is a great gift for a loved one who sometimes needs a little reminder (basically everyone).

For the Person Who Loves Christmas

Treemote Wireless Remote is “Santa’s Best Idea in Years!” It is a tree shaped wireless remote that allows you to turn on and off the lights on your Christmas tree with the simple touch of a button. With a Treemote, you no longer need to crawl under or behind your Christmas tree to turn the lights on and off and it can be used up to 80 feet away. It can also be used for other lights and small appliances, so the Treemote is useful all year round!

 a woman making a custom photo album

For the Person Who Loves Homemade Gifts

A perfect, heartfelt gift to give your loved one would be a custom photo album or calendar! It’s also a great budget-friendly option. Compiling an album of photos is a great way to reminisce on good memories with your family and is a great way to keep all your family photos organized. If you’re not great at DIY projects, Mixtile or similar service may be more ideal. The service allows you to choose photos from your phone to order as stickable wall art, so it’s easy to turn your favorite family photos, pictures of the grandkids, or snapshots from vacation into beautiful art to enjoy!

What other gift ideas do you have for your loved ones? Let us know! If you’re looking to give the gift of great care, call Optimal Home Care today to learn more about our in-home senior care services.