Oldest Name in the Book

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. You can, however, give a young pup and old name. We compiled a list of some of the coolest baby names out there which used to be popular then fell off the map. Here’s our list of the best older names making comebacks in 2017!


Perhaps due in part to the death of American author Harper Lee early last year, the name Harper has risen to 9th in popularity in 2017 as opposed to last year when the name didn’t rank within the top 50. It’s meaning is very literal, a derivative word for harp players. The name is fitting for creative types: musicians, artists, writers, and the like. Even the youngest child of David and Victoria Beckham sports the name, so parents know it’s posh.


Amelia broke the top 100 baby names in 2003 for the first time since 1887 according to babycenter.com. It has been climbing ever since, reaching the number 7 spot this year. The name, meaning “industrious” or “striving” is perfect for an independent, driven little lady. Amelia Earhart comes to mind for most when they hear the name, so it’s perfect if you want your grounded girl to reach for the skies.

Old Names


Following the popular trend of girl names ending in -a, such as Ava, Clara, and the previous name on our list, comes Stella. Its Spanish and Latin origins give it the meaning “star” and your little one is destined for stardom with this title. Stella broke the top 100 in 2010, a feat it has not achieved since 1923, one year after actress Stella Adler made her Broadway debut. Adler taught big names such as Marlon Brando, Judy Garland, and Robert De Niro, so this name is perfect for a little girl with big dreams.


This name hadn’t beaten it’s highest ranking of 375th on the list of boys’ names since 1895. However, in one year it jumped from its previous rank of 496 in 2005 all the way up to the 300th spot in 2006; this was its highest ranking in over 100 years. Since 2006, it has been working its way up steadily to 35th spot it holds currently. Gender-neutral in origin, the name means “town by the pool,” so boys with this name should head straight to the pool for swimming lessons.

Timeless names


Looking for a bold name for a bold boy? This Celtic name meaning “noble” or “young warrior” could be the right fit for your little guy. It broke the top 100 for the first time ever in 2002 and peaked at the 24th spot in 2016. Other popular, more traditional spellings of the name are also on the rise. Eoin and Eoghan stick to the name’s Celtic roots, while Ouen stands out as a cool French version and Ewan or Euan can stand in for those wanting to showcase their Scottish heritage. However you spell it, Owen is a short name with a huge impact.


Noah finally topped its previous best ranking of 128th most popular, which it set in 1880, when it scraped up the 100th spot in 1995. It just dropped from the number 1 rank this year which it held from 2013-2016. This classic Hebrew name means “comfort” and its use has been comforting American parents that they’ve made a good name choice since the Puritans crossed the Atlantic. A sturdy, classic name like Noah is perfect for a first born son who’s ready to teach his younger siblings a thing or two.