Amazon Echo Could be Your New Caregiver5 min read

by | Apr 4, 2018 | Blog, home care, tips

Well, partially. Every year more and more new pieces of technology are being introduced, and the functions that they serve are endless. This is especially true for the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Seniors, their families, and their home healthcare providers are using the functionality of Echo and Echo Dot to increase the level of care provided and aid communication.

How Technology Aides Senior Care

One of the biggest ways Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot have helped out in home healthcare is that it makes it easier for aides and nurses to meet the needs of their clients. It keeps everyone on the same page and helps streamline tasks. This is especially helpful for things like setting reminders for seniors to take their medication. It is also helpful for seniors as they can use it to communicate with their home health care aids and nurses so if they needed something. For example, if they were to fall or have an accident, it’s quick and easy for them to contact their aids or nurses through Alexa, the voice-activated digital assistant used by the Echo and Echo dot. In some cases, this can be faster than other alert buttons.

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According to Home Health Care News, other things Alexa can help with are “reading and learning materials, music, video calls, daily exercises and appointment reminders.” Artificial intelligence allows us to utilize our technology to help us with these daily tasks. It makes it very easy for everyone, especially seniors to learn how to use this technology and to integrate it into their daily lives.

The Accenture Platform

A pilot test on Amazon’s technology was done by an UK-based company called Accenture. One of the highlights of their test was the “Family and Carer” portal which helps family members, aides, and nurses to access the client’s daily activities, medication intake, and any requests or comments the client has can be found in this portal which is accessed through a web browser. The Accenture Platform also uses the Amazon system to give family members and caregivers alerts when a client demonstrates unusual behavior. The client does, however, have the control to choose what alerts are sent and how often their caregivers and family are alerted. A third function of the Accenture Platform is that it helps clients find local social events. This helps them stay engaged within their community and promotes a social, active, healthy lifestyle.

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Implications of Accenture Platform on Health Care

This new system allows clients to still have some independence at home while also receiving the care they need. Since seniors have the Echo and Echo Dot are available to them 24/7, it’s easier for them to be a little more independent while keeping the assurance that they can access help if they need it. Artificial Intelligence systems like these are also helpful for those with physical limitations especially, as everything is controlled by voice. Home health care isn’t the only place systems like this can be used. Assisted living facilities have also started implementing Echo and Echo Dots into their facilities for their residents to use.

The assistance Amazon’s system provides can make a big improvement in the world of senior health care. It makes things easier, more user-friendly, and it gives seniors a little bit of their independence back. For more information on how to make home health care easier for you and your loved one, follow our blog for information! If you’re looking for home health care for someone in your life, call Optimal Home Care today!